Our specialist business immigration solicitors provide prompt, efficient and cost-effective advice on a full spectrum of immigration issues including advising UK based organisations wishing to employ overseas nationals and individual clients wishing to apply for British citizenship or visas. We are well versed in issues relating to Brexit and we are able to provide sensible commercial advice in what will be a period of considerable change.

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Areas of Expertise

Our specialist team has experience of the points based system (PBS) and keep abreast of the latest developments so that they can guide clients through the immigration process. We can assist in relation to applications under each tier of the PBS including applications for investors and entrepreneurs under Tier 1.  We also advise clients on applying for sponsor licences and issuing certificates of sponsorship (under Tier 2 of PBS, which includes the general skilled category and the intra-company transfer category).

We can provide training on immigration best practices and undertake immigration “health checks” for your business. In this way we can ensure that you are compliant with the UK’s illegal working laws/sponsorship duties and are protecting your business as far as possible.  We can also help mitigate problems should you discover employees who do not have permission to work in the UK.

These services are of particular use to companies in the Home Office’s Register of Sponsors or those organisations which wish to become sponsors.

We are also experienced in advising individual clients on a range of issues including: British Citizenship, indefinite leave to remain, permanent residence, visitor visas, spousal visas, EEA applications and derivative rights of residence.

Why us?

Many employers rely on being able to hire people from outside the UK or Europe to ensure their workforce has the best skills, experience and qualifications. Recruitment of non EEA nationals from overseas is often essential for positions where there is a skills shortage in the UK or where specialist language skills are needed.  Individuals are often keen to come to the UK to work, set up a business or study.  The added uncertainty of Brexit also will require employers to reassess recruitment of people from inside the EU going forward.

However, if your main aim is to ensure that your new employees are able to start work quickly and move to the UK with as little stress as possible, UK immigration law and procedures can often seem unduly complex and complicated.

Similarly individual clients can benefit from sound legal advice to ensure that they make the appropriate application and meet the Home Office requirements.

Our Employment and Business Immigration Law Department has considerable experience in advising clients on these issues and as a full service, law based firm in Belfast we are well placed to advise on this complex and ever changing area of law.