Review of Economic Development Policy

August 9, 2013

Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister Arlene Foster has announced a review of her Department and Invest Northern Ireland’s economic development policy.

The Minister has highlighted a number of areas that she wants the review to report on. She said:

“Firstly, the review should ensure that the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment and Invest Northern Ireland’s policies and programmes are able to deliver on the productivity goal contained in the Executive’s Programme for Government.”

“Secondly, it should identify whether any new policies are necessary, having regard to the legislative powers of the Assembly.”

“Thirdly, it should consider if there are any issues which risk compromising the delivery of the Programme for Government’s productivity goal, but which fall to other departments.”

The Review Panel members were selected on the basis of their knowledge and experience of business and economic development needs, in Northern Ireland, and elsewhere.

The Minister concluded: “This is strategically a very important exercise that comes at a crucial time for the Northern Ireland economy. Given the medium to longer term focus of this review, I am looking for evidence-based recommendations that will help strengthen our competitive position and to put us in pole position for when the global economy begins to strengthen.”

The review is expected to be concluded by summer 2009.


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