Registration of land and property within Northern Ireland

November 9, 2015

Land & Property Services holds three separate registries

  • Land Registry, which maintains a record of map based registrations in Northern Ireland and guarantees legal title
  • Registry of Deeds, a system of registering documents which relate to unregistered land
  • Statutory Charges Register, a system which allows buyers to check if a property is affected by certain restrictions

Land Registry

This system guarantees the validity of the legal title of the land or property and each title has its own unique number known as a Folio Number. Since 1 May 2003 the whole of Northern Ireland has become a compulsory first registration area and when there is a sale of unregistered property or land for consideration the title must now be registered in the Land Registry.

Registry of Deeds

The system of registering documents of unregistered land within Northern Ireland is known as the Registry of Deeds. A memorial which is a summary of original deed is lodged and retained by Land & Property Services. The original deed is returned to the lodging party with a serial number confirming the registration of the deed. The Registry of Deeds system does not guarantee that any document is valid or has any legal effect.

Statutory Charges Register

This Registry provides purchasers of land with an easy method of checking whether a property is affected by certain statutory restrictions. These restrictions are generally created by or in favour of government department or local authorities and include Clearance Orders or Tree Preservation Orders for example.

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