Health and Safety in the Workplace

March 4, 2016

Employers should be aware of the continuous need to up date health and safety policies and procedures and not only to prevent accidents but to avoid prosecutions for breaches of the legislation.

It is important that employees are trained and provided with refresher training on a regular basis and documentation is maintained and signed off in relation to same by employees and those carrying out the training.  It is also important to carry out regular risk assessments not only in relation to tasks being undertaken by employees but also the equipment being used and again, this should be documented and retained by employers.

Many personal injury claims cannot be fully defended or is unsuccessful due to lack of documentation, however, this can be avoided by putting in place a system for keeping and maintaining records.  It is vital that this system is enforced and some of the documentation which is expected to be retained by companies and organisations includes but is not limited to the following;

1. Training/refresher training records;

2. Risk assessments;

3. Documentation relating to the provision of safety clothing and footwear;

4. Accident/incident book

5. Accident report book

6. First aid book

7. Health and safety policy

8. Health and safety procedures

9. Service/maintenance records

10. Inspection records

11. Cleaning records

12. Work sheets

13. Invoices

The HSENI website provides further practical assistance and guidance on the legislation.  If you require any further assistance, please contact Mairead O’Boyle, a Solicitor in the Dispute Resolution Team in Cleaver Fulton Rankin Solicitors. This article has been produced for general information purposes and further advice should be sought from a professional advisor. Please contact our Dispute Resolution team at Cleaver Fulton Rankin for further advice or information.