Employment Law Health Check

July 30, 2015

Is your business at risk by failing to comply with employment law and health and safety regulations?

Employment law is constantly changing, placing additional obligations on employers and enhancing employee rights. Employees are also now better informed and aware of those rights.

Employees who believe their rights have been denied or infringed can bring a claim to an Industrial or Fair Employment Tribunal, and more than 5,000 individual complaints are made against employers every year.

Work place disputes cost business both financially and in terms of time.

One of the biggest misconceptions among employers is that because they have only a small business or only a few employees, they don’t need to pay much attention to these issues. In reality most employment legislation applies to all employers.

We can carry out a health check of your employment documentation, contracts, policies and procedures to ensure you are correctly approaching issues including:

• Recruitment;
• Terms and conditions of employment;
• Wages, equal pay, sick pay, working hours, work breaks and annual leave;
• Fixed term and part-time employees;
• Dismissals, disciplinary, grievance and performance review procedures and redundancy;
• Equality, discrimination, harassment and bullying at work;
• Maternity leave, paternity leave and shared parental leave;
• Holiday pay;
• Flexible working;
• Health and safety; and
• Data protection and social media.

Contact us now to ensure your employment practices are legally compliant.

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