DOE Guidance on Waste Incineration Directive

February 17, 2012

The Waste Incineration Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2003 (“the 2003 Regulations”) came into force on 29 August 2003, transposing the Waste Incineration Directive 2000/75/EC (“WID”). The 2003 Regulations apply to both incineration and co-incineration plants and a plant will only be classed as such if it thermally treats waste, which is defined by the Waste Framework Directive. If a plant falls within the scope of the WID, stringent requirements are imposed.

The Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland published Guidance on the WID in December 2011. The Guidance seeks to highlight the scope, regulatory and technical requirements of the WID and how they should be interpreted and applied. However it must be noted that the Guidance is not determinative of the legislation and legal advice should be sought as precise legal requirements can only be determined by the Court.

The Guidance includes; interpretation of the meaning of waste and of incineration and co-incineration plant; it outlines the regulatory requirements of the WID; its technical aspects; ELVs for incineration; and the monitoring requirements.

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