Consultation on alcohol and outdoor stadia

October 22, 2015

In October 2015 Judith Cochrane MLA launched a consultation paper on possible proposed changes to Northern Ireland liquor licensing law to enable applications for liquor licences to be made for outdoor stadia of regional or national importance. This is a consultation in respect of a proposal to change a specific aspect of the liquor licensing laws in Northern Ireland and not a review of all of the current liquor licensing laws. The consultation is aimed at testing local opinion on amending the law to allow the licensing of outdoor stadia and to add a new ‘outdoor stadia’ category to Article 5(1) of the Licensing Order (NI) 1996, thereby creating a new category of licence specifically relating to outdoor stadia.

The consultation paper outlines that the existing safeguards in the Licensing Order applicable to all premises would also apply to outdoor stadia. It also considers whether it is appropriate for outdoor stadia to hold a certificate of additional permitted hours. The consultation is due to close on 26 October 2015 and full details of the consultation and how to respond to the consultation can be found by using these links.

This article has been produced for general information purposes and further advice should be sought from a professional advisor. If you require any further advice in respect of liquor licensing, please contact Louise Coll, Solicitor, Cleaver Fulton Rankin (DD 028 9027 1311).