Business as usual for landlords – Right to Rent checks have not yet reached NI

February 1, 2016

As of February 2016 landlords in the rest of the UK will face financial penalties and prosecution if they rent to someone who does not have a legal right to be in the UK.  Given that this provision of the Immigration Act 2014 has not yet reached us, local landlords are presently unaffected.

Characteristic of the government’s plan to create a ‘hostile environment” for illegal migrants, these changes were tested in the West Midlands and could result in Landlords incurring significant fines for renting to those without permission to be in the UK.

Whilst no date has been set for the implementation of these laws in NI undoubtedly they will take effect in the near future. Local landlords should prepare themselves by taking a look at the guidance available on government websites and should avail of the code of practice so as to avoid unlawful discrimination when conducting the necessary ‘checks’.

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