Cleaver Fulton Rankin & Arts & Business

August 1, 2011

Cleaver Fulton Rankin’s Young Professional Claire McNally goes visual for Belfast Print Workshop…

When Claire McNally heard about the Arts & Business Young Professionals on Arts Boards Programme she thought it looked like an exciting opportunity that would be very different from her day job as a solicitor in the Planning & Environmental department at Cleaver Fulton Rankin. Now in her second year on the Board of Directors of Belfast Print Workshop Claire has, in her own words, ‘gone visual’ thanks to her immersion in the company. Based in Cotton Court, a former Bonded Warehouse opposite the Merchant Hotel, the membership organisation has cutting edge facilities, a gallery, a busy workshop schedule, and a corporate print leasing scheme.

Creative connections

Taking a moment to reflect on when she started as an observer at meetings Claire smiled wryly, “My first thoughts were of how much of a challenge I was taking on, for example the responsibility to be hands-on with organisational planning, to be focused right across the business, and of course my role in the dynamics of the Board. I thought I could change the world instantly, but I’ve learnt about compromise, balance and how good corporate governance is a continual work in progress.” What made her say ‘yes’ to joining the Board of Directors was getting to know the people involved, as their passion and commitment for the Belfast Print Workshop helped her see the potential in the organisation.

“You don’t realise until you’re on a Board how much effort has to go into teamwork” Claire continued, “there’s a large mix of personalities, and that brings diverse and unexpected opinions – I don’t think I’ll ever stop being surprised by the conversations we have. My day job has definitely been influenced by my Board experience – I certainly think more creatively.”
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