Consultation Paper on the Proposed Transposition of the Groundwater Daughter Directive

February 17, 2009

The Department for the Environment has issued a consultation paper…

…seeking views on proposals for the transposition into Northern Ireland legislation of the EC Directive on the protection of groundwater against pollution and deterioration.

The Directive, commonly known as the Groundwater Daughter Directive, establishes specific measures in order to prevent and control groundwater pollution. These measures include:

  • criteria for the assessment of good groundwater chemical status; and
  • criteria for the identification and reversal of significant and sustained upward trends and for the definition of starting points for trend reversals.


The Directive also complements the provisions preventing or limiting inputs of pollutants into groundwater already contained in the Water Framework Directive, and aims to prevent the deterioration of the status of all bodies of groundwater.

The closing date for comments on the proposals is 6 May 2009. For further information on the Water Framework Directive or the Groundwater Daughter Directive please contact Karen Blair ( ) or Maria O’Loan ( ) on (028) 9024 3141.